Your Questions About 2009 Jeep Wrangler Colors

Susan asks…

can someone tell me all the different green colors that come with the new 2009 jeep wranglers?

ive seen so many pictures of all different greens. please tell me all the greens that come with it and which one you think is the coolest? the dark green and the rescue green are both cool. what do you guys think? im looking to buy a wrangler within the next month

Doug answers:

The 09 has green metallic 20010 its natural green pearl both years have only one color green her is the link

Sandra asks…

whats the best thing about a jeep wrangler sahara 2009 version?

im thinking about buying a tangerine coloured wrangler sahara and im wandering whats the best things about it and the worst but not to many negatives cause i really want a wrangler cheers

Doug answers:

Wranglers have the best resale value of all car/truck makes.

The Sahara has all the benefits of the Wrangler plus all the creature comforts. The only model better is the Rubicon.

The Rubicon has all the comforts of the Sahara plus stronger axils and transfer case.

All Wranglers can go topless and doorless.

William asks…

What is your opinion about the 2 jeep wranglers?

I’m going to purchase a Jeep wrangler next week and I’m stuck between 2. I was looking at a brand new 2009 wrangler x soft top, 6 speed for $18,875. Or a 2004 Jeep wrangler rubicon 5 speed with 58k miles with the soft top for $16,000. I haven’t tried to negotiate the price on the 2004 but the only reason I was really interested in it is because it is electric green and they don’t make the color anymore.

What would you do and what would you pay for the 2004 if you would negotiate the price on it.

Doug answers:

I would probably try to negotiate on the price and get the Rubicon (although this one is way over priced).

I would probably pay about 12,500 for it.

But that is just me.

Steven asks…

Jeep Wrangler! Can’t Decide! Help!!?

hey everyone, i’m in the market for a OllllllllO JK (2009)
and i was just wondering if the Rubicon includes all the features that the Sahara includes plus all the offroad stuff, or are there certain luxury features not available on the Rubi or only available on the Rubi?

I know all this already, but i’m sure Wiki may have missed some stuff

The Sahara model is the “luxury” model offering accessories such as body coloured fenders, “Yes Essentials” seats (in late 2007-2008), power windows and locks and a 7 speaker infinity sound system with subwoofer, among others.

The Rubicon package is the dedicated “Offroad” package. Standard components of the Rubicon package include Front and rear generation II Dana 44 axles, front and rear electronic lockers, rock rails, Electronic sway bar disconnect, 32 spline rear axle with an 8.8 inch ring gear, 4:1 Rock-Trac transfer case, 4.10 axle gearing,”Yes Essentials” seats (2008), 7 speaker infinity sound system, removable doors, a fold-down windshield, and any other available option can be added.

Doug answers:

No the Rub dosent have “all ” the luxury features like the Sahara, you have to option order them. But I would go with the Rub, dana 44 and electronic lockers you can never go wrong. I am guessing you have been to all std and options are there in black and white
Good Luck

Joseph asks…

I want to treat my self to a new car.?

Can anyone give me tips on the Jeep Wrangler special edition ? Is it good on gas and mileage? and what is the cheapest price? and is a 2008 just as good as a 2009 or 10? suggest a nice color.

Doug answers:

Wranglers are some of the best cars out there. The 2008 will be very similar to the 09-10 ones with the exception of very minor changes. The wrangler has one of the best (if not THE best) resale values. I would check ebay motors and see what dealers are selling new Wranglers for on there and then take $500 off. Wranglers basically sell themselves.

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